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Previous crisis offers clues on when matches will return

For employers that have reduced or suspended matches to defined contribution plans, reinstatement may not happen quickly, past surveys show.

Catherine Collinson
Coronavirus puts company match under pressure

DC plan sponsors face uncertainty in restoring suspended company matches while seeking transparent communication to participants.

Andrew McCollum
Managers see technology as vital to continued growth

Outsourcing managers are building out their technology platforms to better serve clients.

Empty hotel
Asset owners take a break from virus-ravaged market

COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic might result in investors reconsidering their real estate investments.

Pension plans investing with Allianz funds see big losses
Pension plans investing with Allianz funds see big losses

Big losses for an Allianz Global Investors strategy show the most meticulous efforts to protect against the downside aren't infallible.

David Solomon 'Billions' cameo
Goldman CEO Solomon gets a TV cameo on ‘Billions'

Goldman Sachs CEO David M. Solomon was the latest notable financial celebrity to make a cameo on Showtime's "Billions."

Rich Joseph
OCIO growth assisted by volatile times

The strong growth of OCIO assets likely will accelerate as institutional investors evaluate performance during the tumultuous first quarter.

Taylor Boswell
Direct lenders look more at portfolio company liquidity

The coronavirus crisis has forced direct lenders to increasingly focus on tracking their portfolio companies' financial positions.

Daniel Booth
European investors preparing for inflation rise

Inflation risk remains in the back of European investors' minds, despite economic conditions pointing to deflation.

Ed Rosenberg
Managers begin turning their backs on transparency

Money managers are shunning indexes and daily transparency to offer actively managed ETFs that disclose their full holdings less regularly.