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Global financial crisis 10 years later

Publication Date : August 20, 2018

Feature stories

Hoping for less drama in finale

Money managers and asset owners hope ó against hope ó that quantitative tightening proves uneventful.

Loan standards getting looser as money flows

Lenders in private equity and real estate are wheeling and dealing again, driven by competition to offer borrower-friendly loans.

Participants climb out of investment abyss

DC participants rebounded after the global financial crisis and plans made changes, but more preparation is needed for the next downturn.

Regulations come under review as memories fade

As memories of the global financial crisis fade, there are calls for revisiting some of the regulatory measures put in place.

Managers and asset owners took their hits and adapted

Money managers and asset owners say they have emerged from the financial crisis better able to cope with risk and liquidity challenges.

For lucky few, timing was everything in 2008

Some investors and money managers made it through the global financial crisis relatively unscathed.

Investors in credit industry see danger ahead

When banks pulled back after the global financial crisis, private capital swooped in to fill the void.

Some managers, investors converted pain into gain

Some money managers and asset owners say the financial crisis' disruption spurred improvements that made them stronger.

Quebec fund creates a new game plan

The global financial crisis sparked a fundamental shift in how Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec invests for its clients.

Credit analysts, canaries in GFC mineshaft, could reprise that role when next sell-off unfolds

Credit analysts, who helped firms like MFS and T. Rowe weather the GFC, could play a key role in coping with a liquidity-challenged market.

Reflections on the global financial crisis and its aftermath

P&I reached out to industry leaders to collect their thoughts on the global financial crisis and its ongoing influence on institutional investing.

How this report was compiled

To gauge the impact of the global financial crisis, Pensions & Investments reached out to sources around the world.


Graphic: The GFC’s long shadow

The global financial crisis dug a deep hole from which most institutional portfolios are still digging out.


Itís not just risk, itís liquidity, too

Asset owners and money managers are not dealing with risk, so much as uncertainty. Uncertainty is much more difficult to deal with.

The very real horror of another global financial crisis

Ten years after the global financial crisis, trends suggest markets may be careening toward the next crisis.

Lending, leverage, options and the credit crisis 10 years later

As credit collapse memories fade, it is important to understand why it came about. The underlying characteristics are likely to re-emerge.