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Gender gap

Publication Date : April 30, 2018

Feature stories

A long way to go in manager diversity

Money managers are creating or expanding programs to increase the number of women in the industry.

Investors press managers for their diversity data

Asset owners are starting to press their money managers on gender diversity

U.K. disclosure reports put spotlight on compensation

New rules by the U.K. government are shining a bright light on the gender pay gap across a range of industries, including asset management.

Alternatives titans work to expand role of women

Alternatives powerhouses KKR and Carlyle are taking steps to increase the number of women in their workforces.

Trade groups take steps to bring more women into money management

The CFA Institute and other groups are sponsoring efforts to encourage more women to enter the money management industry.


Itís time for real diversity in asset management

Workforce diversity fosters diversity of ideas and approaches. It is time to cultivate, hire and mentor more women in asset management.

Pay gap paradox

The biggest accomplishment of the U.K. gender pay gap study is how it changes the equation for women in the fight for equal pay.