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P&I/Oxford University Long-Term Investment Beliefs Survey Results

Publication Date : July 23, 2012

Survey finds higher percentage of asset managers are integrating principles than among asset owners or consultants.


Having belief set is the key to future returns

The lack of a cohesive process in constructing and implementing investment beliefs threatens to further erode returns amid volatile market conditions, according to analysis of a survey conducted by Pensions & Investments and Oxford University.

Managers honing focus on beliefs

About 68% of money managers work in companies with an official and/or published set of investment beliefs, according to a survey on long-term investment beliefs conducted by Pensions & Investments and Oxford University.


About the survey

The Pensions & Investments/Oxford University survey on long-term investment beliefs, conducted between May 23 and June 15, had a total of 685 respondents. Of those, about 34% are asset owners, 30% are asset managers and about 24%, consultants. (The remainder were listed in the “other” category.)

About 97% considered themselves long-term investors. Furthermore, 51% had more than 20 years of experience in pensions or investment-related industries. Thirty-one percent had between 10 years and 20 years of experience, and the remainder had less than 10 years of experience. About 63% of those surveyed worked in organizations with at least $1 billion in assets or assets under management.