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Outlook 2019

Publication Date : January 7, 2019

Feature stories

Convergence puts global growth in holding pattern

The global economy is set to slow this year, as regions begin to converge after years of divergence.

Money managers face reduced margins in 2019

If institutional money managers had a tough time being profitable in 2018, this year could be even harder.

Industry aims to build on things that already work

Defined contribution plans will build upon and enhance plan design and investment menus in 2019.

Rebound expected for stocks, bonds as China emerges

Asian stocks and bonds, battered as U.S. stocks surged for most of 2018, should attract the attention of value investors in 2019.

Hedge fund managers see chance to cash in on volatility

Hedge fund managers predict a better investment environment in 2019, thanks to a return to normal volatility.

New firms, more minority stakes possible in 2019

Good times will continue to roll in private equity and credit, but trade wars and other macroeconomic factors could dampen transactions.

Tougher future in store for European managers

Asset managers are going to be haunted by depressed margins in 2019 as the cost of regulation puts a permanent squeeze on business.

Global political sparks will keep flying

Geopolitics will continue to occupy investors' minds this year with trade wars, the U.K.'s exit from the European Union and a number of political elections on the shortlist of concerns.

Infrastructure, real estate to remain high on investor lists

Real estate and infrastructure are expected to remain the most popular of all the real asset sectors in 2019.

Infrastructure, markets to be driven by policy

Federal Reserve monetary policy faces uncertainty in 2019, but 2020 elections could advance infrastructure investing ideas.

Bipartisanship to be key to change in Washington

Some bipartisan ideas on retirement security could emerge in 2019, but gridlock is likely for other issues.

Private equity managers increasingly adding credit strategies

Many managers have private equity and credit, but increasingly credit is playing a bigger role in their businesses.

Reduction in revenue puts talent retention at risk

Competition for investment management talent could hurt margins at money managers.

Managers guarded on expectations for stock, bonds in 2019

Money managers expect 2019 will be a year for caution when it comes to asset exposures.

Managers see little recession risk in 2019

Money management executives are not expecting a recession in the next 12 months.

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