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Outlook 2018

Publication Date : December 25, 2017

Pensions & Investments turns to the experts for their views on what to expect in 2018.

Feature stories

Looks like all blue skies, unless ...

Economists and CIOs say 2018 looks like a year for worldwide growth and manageable inflation.

Future looking bright for active management

Money managers expect more opportunities for active managers and for technology to play a bigger role in the investment industry in 2018.

EU initiative hoped to put new muscle into economy

Industry participants are assessing ambitious plans to strengthen Europe's economy and stimulate investment, particularly after Brexit.

Industry now awaiting its turn to get things done

Retirement plan sponsors and investors will spend the first months of the new year figuring out whether they came out ahead in tax overhaul legislation, or at least untouched.

Managers eager to see return of disruption, volatility

Hedge fund managers are entering 2018 with a craving for volatility.

Big money coming in, but returns look to be on tepid side

Infrastructure managers are expecting returns to fall in 2018, but that's not expected to dampen fundraising.

Auto features and deferral rates is where action will be in 2018

DC plan executives will build on best practices in 2018 while exploring new ideas to help participants.

New tools expected to help interpret oceans of data

Custody providers look forward to devoting more time to technology in the new year as the regulatory agenda declines.

Private equity, real estate share similar set of concerns in 2018

For real estate as well as private equity, the wild card in 2018 is whether a recession looms.

Managers seeing room to grow by looking south of the border

A growing middle class and economic recovery in Latin America are providing opportunities for money managers.

Renewed lease on life for risk assets should favor Asian stocks and bonds in 2018

Amid accelerating global growth, relatively attractive valuations should lure investors to Asian investment opportunities.

Managers look to Washington for concrete proposal on infrastructure plan

Expectations for a Trump administration infrastructure plan has managers hopeful, but many remain cautious.

Foreign managers take long view on increasing business in China

The initial "gang of eight" is bringing out first offerings for high-net-worth and institutional investors on mainland China.

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