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Best Places to Work in Money Management 2015

Publication Date : December 14, 2015

34 organizations have been named to Pensions & Investments' fourth annual list of the Best Places to Work in Money Management.

Feature Story

34 managers selected for 2015 honor

11 named to list for 1st time; 6 chosen for 4th year in a row


Firms with over 1,000 employees

First Place | Principal Global

Guideposts help professionals pull together for their clients

Second Place (tie) | Neuberger Berman

Generous 401(k) contribution a huge bonus for employees

Second Place (tie) | Legg Mason

Recognizing creativity, fostering an emotional connection to the firm

Third Place | BlackRock

Employees serious about taking the culture of their company to heart

Fourth | Place Invesco

Investing focus, diversity in thought, passion for success

Fifth Place (tie) | Mesirow Financial

Workers thrive on entrepreneurial spirit, good work-life balance

Fifth Place (tie) | T. Rowe Price

Founder's vision continues to guide strong work ethic

Fifth Place (tie) | SEI Investments

Encouraging a rich culture of creativity and risk-taking

Firms with 500 to 999 employees

First Place | TCW Group

Egalitarian atmosphere stresses that everyone is part of the team

Second Place | Voya

Sense of equality and real appreciation for workers at all levels

Third Place | Babson Capital

Consistency and teamwork instill a proud confidence

Fourth Place | Western Asset

Teamwork and a real sense of mutual respect

Firms with 100 to 499 employees

First Place | WisdomTree

A family atmosphere and having open lines of communication

Second Place | ClearBridge

Flexibility, recognition that staffers have a life outside the office

Third Place | Westwood Holdings

Working well with the team cited as the biggest draw

Fourth Place | William Blair

Giving employees a feeling of partnership and collaboration

Fifth Place | Acadian

Transparency more than just a feature of wide-open offices

Firms with 50 to 99 employees

First Place | Baird Asset

Working hard for clients but playing hard, too, once in a while keeps everything cool

Second Place | Standard Life

A place where a culture of family is critical to the firm's growth, success

Third Place | Los Angeles Capital

A sense of collaboration at a firm where workers are kept in the loop

Fourth Place | INTECH

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is much more than just a song for employees

Fifth Place (tie) | Aksia

Listening to others' conversations isn't rude; it's essential

Fifth Place (tie) | Fiduciary Investment Advisors

Putting client interests first, and getting a free lunch in the process

Firms with less than 50 employees

First Place | Bridgeway Capital

A caring culture with employees who are in it for the long haul

Second Place | Cassaday & Co.

"Radical inclusion' tenet ensures that all voices are being heard equally

Third Place | Cardinal Investment Advisors

A feeling of real family as long as it's not about baseball

Fourth Place | Dana Investment Advisors

Character and integrity are vital ingredients for satisfaction at work

Fifth Place | Balentine

A family-like atmosphere where caring is paramount

Alternatives managers

First Place | Satori Capital

Reinforcing the right values and recognizing employees for their dedicated vision

Second Place | Tortoise Capital Advisors

Homegrown talent shines at firm that holds to its roots

Third Place | Campbell & Co.

Employees praise openness at firm that also values fun

Fourth Place | Blackstone

Employees work hard but clearly see their efforts are rewarded

Fifth Place (tie) | Hamilton Lane

Striving hard to nurture both personal and professional sides

Fifth Place (tie) | Harrison Street

Entrepreneurial culture, office morale garner high praise