Questions About P&I Data

Pensions & Investments collects annual data on the largest plan sponsors, money managers, and consultants.

Where can I find stories or charts & graphics from a specific issue/special report that I saw in print?

Special reports in the P&I Print Edition can be found in the Special Reports section of our website, archived by topic and date. You could also try searching for a specific story using our Site Search.

Where can I find data on the largest pension funds, money managers, consultants, or record keepers, including rankings and detailed profiles?

Rankings and profiles are housed in the P&I Research Center.

How is data collected by Pensions & Investments?

P&I collects data in annual surveys.

When is the next Pensions & Investments' survey?

A calendar of upcoming surveys can be found here.

When will the latest data on _____ be available?

Please consult the Editorial Calendar for release dates.

Can I download P&I data in Excel format?

Many of our rankings are available in Excel format for purchase in the Data Store. Additionally, P&I Research Center subscribers have the ability to create customized rankings that can be downloaded in Excel. Please contact Paul Margolis at or 212-210-0244 for more information on both options.

For all other inquiries, including questions about terminology or calculations, please use the form below. P&I Research Center subscribers can also contact us using the P&I Research Center Help form for specific issues dealing with the P&I Research Center.

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