P&I at 50

How institutional investing has changed and what's to come

Indexing, private markets considered key disrupters of past 50 years

Market veterans say index funds drove the biggest U.S. retirement changes over past half-century, with the rise of private markets investing likewise key.

How private market asset classes are changing the game in investment portfolios

Private capital investments are no longer alternatives, and in the next 50 years, industry professional expect these asset classes to be essential to portfolios.


Growth in retirement assets

Titans of industry

CalSTRS Ailman: Energy transition a ‘massive’ undertaking for investors worldwide

To mark its 50th anniversary this year, P&I reached out to CalSTRS CIO Christopher Ailman for his thoughts on big challenges to come in the decades ahead.

Minimizing risk over chasing returns: Insights from consulting veteran Ronald Peyton

Ronald Peyton has seen dramatic changes in asset management in his 50 years at consulting firm Callan.

Alabama pension fund veteran David Bronner opens up about his 50-year reign as CEO

David Bronner, who leads the Retirement Systems of Alabama, shared his insights as he celebrates 50 years as the pension fund’s CEO.

Private equity is past its peak, warns Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Gretchen Morgenson, who co-authored “These Are the Plunderers,” argues the strategy won’t generate the same returns as in prior years.

Consulting titan Richard Ennis warns of blind faith in alternatives

Ennis Knupp founder Richard Ennis returns to the intellectual fray, pushing for a major industry rethink on costly alternative exposures.

Jeremy Grantham's vision for saving the world through impact investing

GMO founder Jeremy Grantham is looking to U.S. venture capital for a lifeline to address “matters of our very survival.”

The 401(k) revolution: J Mark Iwry's mission to simplify retirement planning

J. Mark Iwry has worked on nearly every consequential retirement development over the last 25 years, but he says there’s still work to be done.

In conversation...

Robyn Grew on her career leading up to becoming the first female CEO of Man Group.

Alabama pension fund CEO David Bronner, who's been on the job for 50 years, reflects on the future of pension funds.

CalSTRS CIO Chris Ailman on the challenges ahead.

How defined contribution has changed

How retirement security litigation has impacted the defined contribution landscape

The retirement industry complains about the onslaught of ERISA lawsuits, but DC sponsors have adjusted to reduce litigation risk.

401(k) plans leading the way toward retirement security, but room for growth, experts say

DC plans may have reached a limit in terms of what they can accomplish to expand coverage.

Europe's defined contribution market poised for a boom

Government reforms, the growth of ESG and bigger savings pots have Europe's defined contribution market poised for significant growth.

DB vs. DC assets



What's next for ESG investing?

Materiality will be the next ESG challenge for money managers and asset owners.

The slow march toward progress of diversity in asset management

Three years after George Floyd was murdered, asset managers see increased workforce diversity, but challenges toward further progress arise.

Closing the 'role gap'

Asset management firms are seeking ways to ensure a strongly diverse pipeline of workers for the coming years.

The state of the economy, 1973 vs. 2023

Percentage of total assets.

Measure Oct. 1, 1973 Oct. 2, 2023 Price Return Total Return Annualized
S&P 500 index 108.21 4,288.39 3863% 16243% 7.6% 10.7%
Dow Jones Industrial Average index 948.83 33,433.35 3424% 17494% 7.4% 10.9%
10-year Treasury yield 5.93% 4.69%
GDP (billions) 1,434 27,063 1787%
Average sales price of house $35,900 $495,100 1279%
Unemployment rate 4.8% 3.8%
Gallon of gas $0.36 $3.80
Federal funds rate 4.74% 5.38%

2023 GDP is as of Q2; 1973 GDP is as of Q3. house - Q2 2023
Source: Bloomberg, Federal Reserve, Department of Energy. U.S. Census Bureau

The more things change...

A look back at P&I covers over the years shows that legislation, big deals, market moves and politics snared leading spots on Page One, much like today's.


Global outlook

Soverign wealth funds: New titans of global finance

Sovereign wealth funds will become an increasingly important group to money managers as they continue to grow — particularly in private markets.

China, India face daunting challenge to grow retirement security amid demographic, cultural shifts

Around 90% of India is not covered by retirement plans, and China is facing an aging population that has put pressure on state pension funds.

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Asset Growth
Largest Managers 2022

U.S. millions

Rank Manager Assets
1 BNY Mellon Investment Mgmt. $109,369
2 BlackRock $98,813
3 Brookfield Asset Mgmt. $85,527
4 State Street Global Advisors $82,141
5 Legal & General Investment Mgmt. $57,890
6 Franklin Templeton $51,344
7 J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Mgmt. $45,689
8 Starwood Capital Group $30,494
9 Pathway Capital Mgmt. $28,937
10 Ares Mgmt. $28,022
11 Man Group $27,035
12 StepStone Group $25,581
13 Pacific Investment Mgmt. Co. $23,924
14 Northern Trust Asset Mgmt. $23,880
15 Morgan Stanley Investment Mgmt. $17,220

P&I Research Center

In the public interest

How Washington is reshaping retirement security

Five decades of retirement legislation illuminate the nation’s shift to defined contribution plans from pension funds.

Long live public pension funds!

U.S. public pension plans should continue to muddle through and avoid the fate of corporate pension plans, experts say.

Corporate DB

Public DB

ETFs, Active/passive

How the ETF industry is reshaping the investment landscape

The growth in the ETF industry is not expected to slow anytime soon, with further gains expected in fixed income and other corners of the market.

Rising rates, market volality bring active investing back in vogue

Passive investing has been a dominant theme in the era of easy money, but there are signs markets are shifting to favor active investors.

Change in management fees

10 Largest managers of U.S. institutional assets - then and now

Tax-exempt assets ($ billions)

Rank Manager Assets
1 Morgan Guaranty Trust Co.of New York $23.6
2 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. $6.3
3 Chase Investors Management Corp. of New York $6.0
4 United States Trust Co. of New York $5.0
5 Fields, Grant & Co. $4.9
6 National Bank of Detroit $4.0
7 Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co. $3.5
8 The First National Bank of Chicago $3.5
9 Harris Trust & Savings Bank $3.3
10 T. Rowe Price Assoc. Inc. $3.0

As of Dec. 2, 1974
Source: Pensions & Investments

# Manager Assets
1 Vanguard Group $2,069.7
2 BlackRock $1,748.4
3 State Street Global $1,188.5
4 Fidelity Investments $1,063.1
5 Geode Capital Mgmt. $842.7
6 T. Rowe Price Associates $591.6
7 Nuveen $548.1
8 Capital Group $513.4
9 Northern Trust Asset Mgmt. $453.6
10 Prudential Financial $446.1

As of Dec. 31, 2022
Source: Pensions & Investments


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P&I at the forefront of the biggest institutional investing trends of the past 50 years

Looking back on my 33 years at P&I, I realized that the P&I staff and I had aided and abetted a series of revolutions in the nation’s pension system and the capital markets.

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