Chestnut Advisory Group, in partnership with Pensions & Investments’ Content Solutions, has conducted an original survey of U.S. asset managers, institutional investors, registered investment advisors, and consultants on key trends impacting the future of the asset management industry. The initiative includes a series of webinars on major themes from the survey, including M&A trends, OCIO mandates, and the prevalence of ESG investing approaches. Amanda Tepper, CEO at Chestnut Advisory Group, speaks with Nikki Pirrello, chief operating officer, Pensions & Investments, on the survey data and findings, along with implications for asset managers across different market segments, sectors and regions. You can also access Research Insights that will offer brief takeaways from the research.

19 Thu

Making the Most of the DEI Growth Opportunity

In our fifth and final webinar of this series, we will explore how asset managers can best respond to allocators’ increasing demands to better understand managers’ DEI efforts: by treating the manager’s DEI approach as an enormous growth opportunity for their entire business.


2021 Survey Highlights

An overview of where the asset management industry is today, by AUM, asset class, client type, use of OCIO and types of OCIO, importance of ESG investing and diversity commitments – and asset managers’ views on what it will take for the industry to move further ahead on these initiatives.


M&A Across the Investment Industry

The survey gauges sentiment about the increased mergers and acquisition activity in the investment management industry, and how institutional investors and consultants are viewing these trends. Learn the key segments that are seeing M&A activity, how investors view the shift toward bigger, consolidated firms, and implications for future client relationships.

09 Tue

The Widespread Impact of OCIO Growth

As management of retirement plans gets more complex in the current challenging markets, more respondents than ever before expect to see higher demand for OCIO in the next two years. Learn about the driving factors behind investors’ decisions, their selection criteria for choosing a particular OCIO provider and how asset managers are responding to their growth segment.

22 Tue

ESG is not GIPS: An Authentic ESG Philosophy is Now Mandatory

With the increased focus on environmental, social and governance investing, how can asset managers build credibility around their ESG efforts and avoid the perception of ‘greenwashing’? How does that impact asset flows?

Chestnut Advisory Group & P&i Content Solutions Survey on the on Future of Investment
Fees and Governance Primary OCIO Selection Factors