Stories by Julie Tatge

Illustration by Peter Hoey | Design and development by Patrick Roth

1,000+ employees


Capital Group

Headquarters: Los Angeles

AUM: $1.9 trillion as of June 30

Employees: 7,013

Years won: 2018-2020

Popular perks: Annually contributes 15% of each associate’s compensation into their retirement.

Employees say: “Great company culture in general. Takes employee satisfaction very seriously. Respect for individuals is high."


NeubergerBerman Group

Headquarters: New York City

AUM: $357 billion as of June 30

Employees: 1,646

Years won: 2013-2020

Popular perks: A new civic engagement initiative led by employees seeks to increase awareness and education on important topics.

Employees say: “Enables and supports individual creativity and thinking. Very collegial environment. Upward mobility allows rapid advancement.”



Headquarters: Newark, N.J.

AUM: $1.4 trillion as of June 30

Employees: 2,637

Years won: 2020

Popular perks: Added a variety of health and wellness programs in response to the pandemic.

Employees say: “By far the most inclusive workplace that I’ve experienced and people are genuinely nice to each other, which is rare in finance.”


T. Rowe Price

Headquarters: Baltimore

AUM: $1.22 trillion as of June 30

Employees: 7,489

Years won: 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020

Popular perks: Provides on-site massage therapy, yoga classes and gyms.

Employees say: “They always get it right when it comes down to social issues. They are never hesitant to come out in support of what is right.”


PrincipalGlobal Investors

Headquarters: Des Moines, Iowa

AUM: $486.5 billion as of June 30

Employees: 1,516

Years won: 2012-2020

Popular perks: Provides on-site massage, yoga, fitness classes and team sports.

Employees say: “Principal really cares about their employees and makes an effort to have a good work/life balance.”


Athene USA

Headquarters: West Des Moines, Iowa

AUM: Not available

Employees: 1,260

Years won: 2020

Popular perks: Encourages employees to act like owners and enroll in an employee stock purchase plan that allows them to buy Athene stock at a 15% discount.

Employees say: “The company gives me the authority to do my job and listens to my ideas — and many times implements them.”