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Italian DC consortium looking for private equity managers to run €216 million

Five Italian defined contribution plans are seeking private equity managers to run €216 million ($246 million) in six mandates, according to the website of the consortium.

Comprised of Foncer, Fondenergia, Gomma Plastica, Pegaso and Previmoda, the consortium has €6.1 billion in assets.

The Italian pension funds will make private equity investments through diversified alternative investment funds that actively invest in European companies, located within the European Union or European Economic Area.

The €216 million commitment consists of:

  • Foncer will invest €28 million.
  • Fondenergia, €73 million in two mandates.
  • Gomma Plastica, €46 million.
  • Pegaso, €30 million.
  • Previmoda, €39 million.

Proposals are due May 3. Additional details could not be learned.