Searches and Hires

Brunel Pension Partnership launches search for global equity managers

Brunel Pension Partnership, Bristol, England, is searching for four to six global equity managers to run a total of 2.2 billion ($2.9 billion), said the 30 billion pool of local government pension funds.

The selected managers will run unconstrained, long-only strategies in Brunel's global high-alpha portfolio, which will launch in the fourth quarter. "We will generally be looking for a long-term approach, innovation and originality in managers' processes, and high return expectations of 3% or more over benchmark," a news release said.

"We have already had an excellent initial response from the investment manager community, which makes us confident we will get some really interesting submissions," said Mark Mansley, chief investment officer, in the news release.

Consultants Inalytics and Redington will assist with the search.

Managers who have already registered will automatically be sent the search documents and submission form. Proposals are due at 11 a.m. British Summer Time on April 3. The submission form is available via email.