Top Performing Managers of Domestic Value Equity, 4th Quarter 2018

Domestic Value Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
MAP US Multi-Cap Value Composite0.0021.28
PVG U.S. Value3.462.76
Stance Equity1.810.87
Loomis Sayles Strategic Alpha1.100.69
BMO Disciplined US Low Volatility Equity1.130.68
St. James High Dividend Yield Portfolio1.410.66
Madison Dividend Income0.24-0.46
Dearborn High and Rising Dividends0.68-0.87
TWIN Dividend Select (Low Vol)-0.53-0.88
Cognios TE Quantitative Large Cap Value-1.21-1.21
Domestic Value Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
MAP US Multi-Cap Value Composite0.0013.79
DOMO Concentrated All Cap Value11.9210.08
OFI Global Revenue Weighted Dividend10.029.71
Stance Equity10.589.59
PVG U.S. Value10.269.52
Conning High Dividend Equity9.849.40
Goldman Sachs Enhanced Large-Cap9.619.28
LSV Asset Management Managed Volatility9.569.14
Manning & Napier Disciplined Value-U.S.9.679.07
TWIN Dividend Select (Low Vol)9.298.92