Searches and Hires

Norfolk County seeks open-end infrastructure, value-added real estate

Norfolk County Retirement System, Canton, Mass., is looking to allocate up to 2% of the defined benefit plan's $1 billion in assets, or about $20 million, to an open-end infrastructure investment vehicle and up to 1% of plan assets (about $10 million) to a U.S. value-added real estate investment vehicle.

The actual amounts to be allocated will be determined as a percentage of the portfolio.

For the infrastructure search, only open-end vehicles will be considered. Closed-end limited partnerships or publicly traded investment vehicles will not be eligible.

The pension fund's investment consultant, Wainwright Investment Counsel, is assisting with the searches.

The RFPs are available on Wainwright's website. Registration is required. Proposals for the real estate search are due by 2 p.m. EST on March 6; infrastructure proposals are due by 2 p.m. EDT March 13. Selection dates were not disclosed.

Kathleen Kiely-Becchetti, executive director of the pension fund, and Jeff Fabrizio, director of research at Wainwright, could not be immediately reached for additional comment.