Searches and Hires

Brunel Pension Partnership preps global equity search

Brunel Pension Partnership, Bristol, England, is set to launch a search for up to five global equity managers to run a total of 2 billion ($2.6 billion), said the 30 billion pool of local government pension funds.

The selected unconstrained long-only equity managers will run Brunel's global high-alpha portfolio, which will launch in the fourth quarter. The formal search process will begin in March when Brunel intends to issue an RFP.

"Put simply, we are seeking the best global equity fund managers in the world," said Mark Mansley, chief investment officer, in a news release.

"We will generally be looking for a long-term approach, innovation and originality in managers' processes, and high return expectations of 3% or more over benchmark," Mr. Mansley added.

Managers can register by sending an email to Brunel.

Consultants Inalytics and Redington will assist with the search.