In memoriam

Remembering Jack

P&I reached out to industry leaders to share recollections of John C. "Jack'' Bogle. Comments have been edited for space and clarity.

"Jack Bogle was an icon in the mutual fund industry ... Jack was always a tough competitor of ours and kept us on our toes, and for that I am grateful."

— Fidelity's Abigail Johnson

"With the passing of John 'Jack' Bogle, the investment management industry has lost a legend. ... He profoundly changed our industry for the better and exemplified the success that comes when we focus on doing what is right for investors."

— State Street's Ronald O'Hanley

"Jack Bogle transformed investing through his clarity of vision and his relentless advocacy for individual investors. His approach was a major influence on me. He will be missed, but his legacy will be a better future for millions of people around the world."

Blackrock (BLK)'s Laurence D. Fink

"The world will sorely miss Jack Bogle's unique combination of generosity of spirit — helping community and others — combined with an energetic proselytizing zeal to make the world a less costly place for savers and investors."

— Pension Research Council's Olivia S. Mitchell

"Working tirelessly to educate the public on the virtues of long-term investment in low-cost, broad-based index funds, Jack did more to advance the interests of individual investors than any person in history. He was my friend and my hero."

Yale University's David Swensen

"Jack Bogle was a giant in the retirement business and a tireless, powerful voice for retirement plan participants. Even when his views may have diverged from others in the retirement industry, his passion for helping people use the market to achieve financial security was admired. That passion will be missed."

— American Benefits Council's James A. Klein

"Jack had a truly profound influence on the shape of the modern fund industry and was tireless in his commitment to fund investors."

— Investment Company Institute's Paul Schott Stevens

"Back in the mid-1970s, critics of John Bogle's index philosophy called it 'un-American' and 'a sure path to mediocrity.' Clearly, Mr. Bogle had a very straightforward ideology that proved to be eloquent in its simplicity allowing that average Joe to invest with confidence knowing that fees would be minimized and returns maximized."

— Institutional Retirement Income Council's Robert Melia

"Jack Bogle will always be remembered for pioneering index funds that materially enhanced value for the average investor."

— ETF Portfolio Management's David Kreinces

"He was the brilliant force behind products that made investing simpler, better, and far, far less expensive to millions of Americans. He made his money by being an innovator, when he could have made billions in the high-fee investing world he stepped into and sought to change. But he grew up with little, felt he had plenty, and wanted others to have more."

— Pennsylvania state treasurer Joe Torsella

— Compiled by P&I staff, Bloomberg, Twitter