Pension Funds

CalPERS’ chief operating investment officer resigns

Elisabeth Bourqui resigned as CalPERS' chief operating investment officer, said Megan White, spokeswoman for the $339.9 billion Sacramento-based pension fund.

A member of the investment office senior management team, Ms. Bourqi was responsible for business and operations, including matters related to the investment policy, investment compliance and operational risk.

Ms. Bourqui was head of pension assets and liabilities management at Zurich-based technology company ABB Group before joining the California Public Employees' Retirement System on May 14.

She had replaced Wylie Tollette, who left CalPERS in December 2017 to rejoin Franklin Templeton (BEN) Investments (BEN) as head of multiasset client investment solutions.

She is being replaced by Dan Bienvenue, the pension fund's managing investment director, global equity, who is acting chief operating investment officer.

New CIO Yu Ben Meng announced Ms. Bourqui’s immediate resignation in an email on Monday. Mr. Meng first day at CalPERS was on Jan. 2.