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Best places to work in money management


Cadre offers a two-day event called Camp Cadre, where staff get together over the summer for two days of workshops and some team bonding fun — all meals included.

Fourth place, money managers with 50 to 99 employees

AUM: $1.5 billion

Employees: 68

Like any good tech startup, bonding time and common meals are important at Cadre, a New York-based real estate investment technology platform that gives qualified investors access to vetted real estate opportunities.

Programs like Cadre Companions and Collaboreats help immerse new employees in the Cadre culture through coffee or lunch outings with veteran employees, including assigned mentors. Cadre employees surveyed for the Best Places to Work in Money Management program said they also like the cross-discipline collaboration, which helps everyone from engineers to investment analysts appreciate how each one contributes. "We are incredibly collaborative," said co-founder and CEO Ryan Williams.

That is no accident, according to Liz Hall, vice president of people operations for the 4-year-old firm, which is a first-time winner. "Ryan from the very beginning has been people-centric. He has such a deep set of values in how people treat each other," she said, noting that the first 90 days for a new hire involves instilling a sense of the firm's history, values and people.

Collaboration continues with activities like "Cadreversaries" to celebrate someone's job anniversary, manager recognition of contributions at monthly "Uncorked" gatherings, and biweekly town hall meetings where people can ask questions of any manager. Employees also get feedback quarterly via alternating peer and manager reviews.

"We really do believe in a continuous feedback system. The goal is that employees should know how they are doing at all times," Ms. Hall said.

Cadre employees also appreciate the employee investing vehicle, which lets them invest in deals regardless of their status as an accredited investor, and up to two days each year for paid time off to volunteer someplace that matters to them.

With core philosophies like "radical candor" — inspired by the Kim Scott book — and a mission to change the world of real estate investing, Cadre is not for everyone, concedes Mr. Williams. "It does take a special kind of person to work here. They see a real focus on purpose," he said, citing three core values: fearlessness in trying to create a better alternative investing model; selflessness expressed in many ways, including allowing a junior staff member with a good idea or analysis to lead meetings; and excellence. "We always want to reset the bar of what people can do," he said. "We always feel like we are pioneering."