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Best places to work in money management

Satori Capital

Satori Capital principal Rugger Burke uses one of the Dallas office’s treadmill desks to get in a bit of a workout while still working out solutions to benefit the firm’s clients.

Second place, money managers with 20 to 49 employees

AUM: $1 billion-plus

Employees: 29

Dallas-based private equity and alternatives manager Satori Capital and its employees are trying to take their culture on the road.

From sharing learning about hiring and team building to day-to-day operational excellence with their portfolio companies, as well as other alternative managers that they fund, the four-time Best Places to Work in Money Management winner has adopted an internal motto: "Satori leads the way."

It also helps to have guidance from dedicated companions, such as Rita, aka Polar Bear, a Labrador retriever who serves as director of companionship and protective services at Satori's dog-friendly office.

"From recruiting, onboarding, performance management, optimal living, culture and talent, it starts and ends with the people on the team," said Randy Eisenman, managing partner and co-founder.

"This organization is genuinely committed to the betterment of their internal practices, their external contributions to society and the well-being of each employee," said one employee. "The leadership team is very involved in all aspects of the company and takes a sincere interest in each employee's condition."

Recent "Optimal Living" days at Satori have included workshops on caring for aging parents, estate planning and "conscious communication," said Mr. Eisenman. These and other half-day, all-team sessions are designed to support the "four dimensions of well-being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health." This includes Satori Sweats workouts and personal training (as long as at least two team members are involved it's on the house) as well as a meditation coach.

Satori also offers executive coach and leadership development that "provides a common language, frameworks, tools, and methodologies on leading and hiring," Mr. Eisenman said. "We are strong advocates of ongoing professional development."

"As Satori, we always strive to improve — for our employees, investors, portfolio companies and social impact," one employee said. "We constantly push the envelope and ask, 'what else can we do to serve?'"

"It never feels like work," another added.