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Best places to work in money management

Cardinal Investment Advisors

Cardinal employees were anything but afraid of getting into a little nitty-gritty, especially when it came to collaborating for a team-building mud run.


AUA: $142 billion

Employees: 40

Years won: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Category: Money managers with 20 to 49 employees

Popular perks:

• Organizes fun social outings, such as go-kart racing, mud runs and WhirlyBall.

• Provides employees with access to a pingpong table, Nintendo Wii, cornhole and golf billiards.

• Puts an emphasis on community service and coordinates group volunteer activities, such as packing meals for those in need.

Employees say:

• "The organization is constantly asking how to make Cardinal a better place to work."

• "Cardinal is made up of people who are very intelligent and hardworking, but who also have great personalities and can be a lot of fun outside of work."

• "Cardinal (is) 45% women-owned. Forty-eight percent of total employees are women. In a year where harassment, sexism and discrimination have come to light, I am thankful to be working in this organization. The balance between women and men adds diversity, empathy and understanding to Cardinal in an industry where that can be rare."

Compiled by Meaghan Kilroy and Trilbe Wynne