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Sovereign Wealth Funds

Alaska Permanent returns 2.13%

Alaska’s Resurrection Bay, near Seward

Alaska Permanent Fund Corp., Juneau, returned a gross 2.13% during the quarter ended Sept. 30, according to a news release.

The $65.7 billion sovereign wealth fund exceeded the board of trustees' strategic long-term return objective of 1.4%. The performance-blended benchmark return of the indexes reflective of their asset allocation was 2.66% for the year ended Sept. 30. The three-year and five-year annualized gross returns of 10.22% and 8.34%, respectively, topped their respective benchmarks of 9.85% and 7.18%.

The leading asset class for the quarter was private equity/special opportunities, which returned a gross 4.82%, followed by infrastructure/private credit/income opportunities at a gross 3.96%; public equities at 3.18%; absolute return, 0.85%; fixed income plus, 0.65%; asset allocation strategies, 0.48% and real estate, -2.28%.

As of Sept. 30, the actual allocation was: 42.6% public equities, 22.5% fixed income plus, 11.9% private equity/special opportunities, 7.2% infrastructure/private credit/income opportunities, 6.1% real estate, 5% asset allocation strategies and 4.7% absolute return.