The largest other mutual funds most used by DC plans

U.S. defined contribution assets, in millions, as of June 30, 2018.
1PIMCO Real Return$4,311
2Vanguard Inflation Protected-Inst'l$3,801
3DFA Inflation-protected Secs.$1,612
4Vanguard Inflation-Protected-Adm.$1,409
5DFA 5-year Global Fixed Income$1,351
6PIMCO International Bond (USD-H)$1,285
7Oppenheimer International Bond$1,141
8DFA Global Real Estate Secs.$1,136
9DFA Real Estate Secs.$1,113
10PIMCO Commodity Real Return$1,090
"Other" mutual funds include global/international fixed income, real assets/inflation protection and absolute return.