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Elgin Firefighter plan sticks with Marquette as consultant

Elgin (Ill.) Firefighter Pension Fund rehired Marquette Associates as investment consultant, said Debra Nawrocki, the city's chief financial officer, in an email.

The $87 million pension fund issued an RFP in June. Another RFP issued in June for an investment consultant for the $117 million Elgin Police Pension Fund is still pending and a decision will be made in October, Ms. Nawrocki said. Marquette Associates is also the incumbent consultant for that pension fund. She would not provide finalist information.

As of May 31, the firefighter pension fund's asset allocation was 41% domestic equities, 33.2% fixed income, 19.9% international equities, 5.1% real estate and 0.8% cash.

Also as of that date, the police pension fund's asset allocation was 33.9% domestic equities, 31.9% fixed income, 17.6% international equities, 10.9% real estate, 5.1% global asset allocation and 0.6% cash.