The most institutional hedge fund managers

Ranked by percentage of total discretionary assets managed in hedge funds worldwide for institutions as of June 30, 2018, unless otherwise noted.
Manager% institutional
Acadian Asset Mgmt.100%
AQR Capital Mgmt.100%
Cheyne Capital100%
Davidson Kempner Capital Mgmt.100%
La Francaise Inv. Solutions100%
Seer Capital Mgmt.100%
Nephila Capital 99.5%
Garda Capital Partners 98.7%
Halcyon Capital Mgmt.97.9%
ZAIS Group 96.0%
Bridgewater Associates95.0%
Brigade Capital Mgmt.94.9%
Blue Harbour Group94.8%
Capstone Investment Advisors94.7%
Argentem Creek Partners93.2%
Napier Park Global Capital92.7%
Ionic Capital Mgmt.92.6%
Solus Alternative Asset Mgmt.91.4%
Magnetar Capital89.9%
Cartica Mgmt.89.6%
Birch Grove Capital86.8%
GoldenTree Asset Mgmt.85.1%
Waterfall Asset Mgmt.85.0%
Medalist Partners84.3%
Aspect Capital82.0%
Varde Partners82.0%
BlueMountain Capital Mgmt.81.8%
Quest Partners80.9%
Perella Weinberg Partners180.8%
Highline Capital Mgmt.77.1%
Cevian Capital74.4%
400 Capital Mgmt.71.7%
Two Sigma Inv./Two Sigma Advisers71.4%
Wellington Alt. Investments70.2%
Winton Capital Mgmt.70.1%
D.E. Shaw Group68.5%
Marshall Wace67.0%
Farallon Capital Mgmt.66.8%
Graham Capital Mgmt.66.0%
J.P. Morgan Asset Mgmt.65.9%
Omni Partners 64.0%
Systematica Investments63.3%
BlackRock (BLK)61.9%
Strategic Value Partners44.3%
Millennium Mgmt.35.8%
Third Point 28.7%
Haidar Capital Mgmt.3.5%
Notes: 1 Data as of July 1, 2018.
Source: Pensions & Investments survey