The largest hedge funds-of-funds managers

Ranked by total assets managed worldwide, in millions, as of June 30, 2018, unless otherwise noted.
RankManagersAssetsChange from 2017% managed for institutions
1Blackstone Alternative Asset Mgmt.$77,4036.8%N/A
2UBS Hedge Fund Solutions1$40,80912.7%N/A
3Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt.$31,2977.3%N/A
4Grosvenor Capital Mgmt.$27,3005.2%N/A
5 Morgan Stanley (MS) Investment Mgmt.$23,176-0.6%38.9%
6 BlackRock (BLK)$22,1523.2%90.8%
8Man FRM2$16,8424.0%92.9%
9 Lighthouse Partners3$16,634-13.7%90.5%
10Lyxor Asset Mgmt.$15,36020.9%100.0%
11 Rock Creek Group$13,9007.8%100.0%
12PAAMCO Prisma$13,730-14.0%96.0%
13Willis Towers Watson4$12,67211.6%100.0%
14Aberdeen Standard Life Inv.$12,000N/A100.0%
15J.P. Morgan Asset Mgmt.$11,734-10.4%57.0%
16 K2 Advisors1,5$11,62112.4%59.8%
17Aetos Alternatives Mgmt.$11,0891.9%99.3%
18Pictet Alternative Advisors$11,00010.8%53.0%
19 Mercer Investment Management$7,63516.3%89.2%
20 SkyBridge Capital II$5,874-9.4%94.9%
21Silver Creek Capital Management$4,958-7.0%N/A
22 Corbin Capital Partners$4,161-13.5%68.9%
23Magnitude Capital$4,1184.5%75.7%
24Evanston Capital Mgmt.$3,966-11.4%77.1%
25 Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting$3,767-0.4%100.0%
2650 South Capital Advisors$2,925-3.9%36.2%
28Pinnacle Asset Management$2,052N/A89.5%
30 Russell Investments$1,9241.0%98.1%
1 AUM as of July 1; 2 AUM used here is reported differently from in the firm's June 30, 2018 half-year trading statement; 3 AUM as of July 1 and includes assets from Mesirow Advanced Strategies, which was acquired by Lighthouse earlier in 2018. AUM used for year-to-year comparison is $19.273 billion, and is the combined assets of both firms as of June 30, 2017; 4 AUM is as of Dec. 31, 2017. 5 AUM as of June 30, 2017, is restated.
Source: Pensions & Investments survey