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Money Management

IM Global Partner acquires 45% stake in liquid alts manager Dynamic Beta

IM Global Partner, a global distribution channel for money managers, acquired a 45% stake in the liquid alternatives boutique manager Dynamic Beta investments, a spokeswoman said.

Adding Dynamic Beta investments allows iM Global to broaden its portfolio of boutique firms to include equity hedge, futures and absolute-return strategies, a spokeswoman said.

In efforts to grow through acquisitions globally, iM Global has closed the third deal since its first acquisition of a 20% stake in Polen Capital Management in 2016. The value of the most recent transaction was not disclosed. IM Global Partner will distribute investment offering of Dynamic Beta to its network across Europe and the U.S.

Beachhead Capital Management renamed its liquid alternatives unit Dynamic Beta investments following the acquisition.

"Dynamic Beta investments has developed a proven, clearly articulated, research-driven investment process to deliver outstanding risk-return profiles with daily liquidity and lower fees than traditional hedge funds. Our deep dive into the liquid alternatives space showed that Dynamic Beta investments' expertise is unique. We look forward to helping to grow Dynamic Beta investments into a leading player in liquid alternative investment firm," Philippe Couvrecelle, CEO and chairman of iM Global Partner, said in a news release.

Dynamic Beta investments has $700 million in assets under management. IM Global Partner's boutiques manage a total of $29 billion.