Searches and Hires

Attleboro Contributory Retirement launches 5 searches

Attleboro (Mass.) Contributory Retirement System is searching for active domestic equity, core fixed income, core real estate and real estate investment trust managers to run a total of about $64.4 million, said Leslie J. Ring, executive director.

The $150 million pension fund issued five RFPs to comply with Massachusetts Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission regulations that require contracts to be put out to bid every five years, Ms. Ring said. All current managers are eligible to rebid.

The pension fund is seeking an active domestic midcap core equity manager to run $23.5 million (Frontier Capital Management Co. is the current manager), an active domestic core fixed-income manager to run $21.6 million (Fidelity Institutional Asset Management), a private core real estate manager to run $8.8 million (Invesco (IVZ) Real Estate), an active domestic large-cap growth equity manager to run $8.5 million (Boston Advisors) and a REIT manager to run $2 million (Invesco Real Estate).

Dahab Associates, the pension fund's investment consultant, is assisting with the search.

All RFPs are posted on Dahab's website. All proposals are due at noon EDT on Sept. 20. Timetables for all decisions have yet to be determined.