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Pension Funds

New York State Common gains 1.53% in quarter

New York State Common Retirement Fund, Albany, returned 1.53% return for the three months ended June 30, the first quarter of the fund's current fiscal year, according a news release Thursday from Thomas DiNapoli, the state comptroller and sole trustee of the pension fund.

The fund's assets were an estimated $209.2 billion at the end of the quarter.

"The fund saw steady growth in the first quarter," Mr. DiNapoli said in the news release. "New York state's pension fund is designed and prudently managed to provide sustainable investment returns over the long term, that means adjusting to conditions and finding opportunities even when markets are uncertain."

He didn't discuss performance of specific asset categories during the quarter. Matthew Sweeney, a spokesman for Mr. DiNapoli, didn't provide details. Long-term returns as of June 30 were not provided.

For the fiscal year ended March 31, the pension fund's one-year return was 11.35%. The five-year annualized return was 8.35%; 10 years, 5.59%; and 20 years, 7.66%.

As of June 30, the pension fund's asset allocation was 40.3% domestic equities, 23.6% to cash, bonds and mortgages, 16.1% international equities, 8.3% private equity, 7% real estate, 2.7% absolute-return strategies, and 2% opportunistic alternatives and real assets.