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PBGC looking for new advisory committee slate

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. is looking to appoint new members to its advisory committee.

In a Federal Register notice to be published Wednesday, the PBGC is calling for nominations to all seven seats of the advisory board.

Spokesman Marc Hopkins said members have been always recommended for the presidential appointments by the PBGC's board of directors, who are the secretaries of the departments of Labor, Treasury and Commerce, and the agency is taking a new approach. "We are doing this now to create a more open process for individuals and groups to nominate people with relevant experience," Mr. Hopkins said in an email.

There are three current members whose terms expire Feb. 19, 2019. Two of them represent employers and one represents the general public.

Three other members whose terms have expired are serving as experts and consultants until either they are reappointed or replaced, representing the general public or employee organizations. There is also a vacant seat for an employee representative.

Robin Diamonte, chief investment officer of United Technologies Corp., Farmington, Conn., chairs the committee and represents employers. Another member is Henry Eickelberg, an ERISA law professor at Georgetown University Law Center, also representing employers.

No more than four advisory committee members can come from the same political party. Registered lobbyists are not eligible.

Appointments are for three-year terms, with reappointment possible, subject to the appointments process.