Searches and Hires

Oregon launches alternatives consultant, proxy-voting searches

Oregon Investment Council, Tigard, which runs the $76.6 billion Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, is searching for a consultant for its alternatives portfolio and a firm to provide proxy-voting services.

Oregon alternatives' portfolio is less than two years old and includes less-correlated strategies including infrastructure, factor-based investments and some hedging strategies, explained James Sinks, spokesman. TorreyCove Capital Partners is the incumbent and had been hired for a relatively short two-year contract as a bridge consultant until Oregon officials could launch an RFP. TorreyCove's contract expires in December. TorreyCove has been invited to rebid. The alternatives portfolio's target is 12.5%.

RFP responses are due by noon PDT on July 20, with a selection expected as early as Oct. 31.

Oregon has also launched an RFP for proxy voting services. The contract of incumbent Glass Lewis has expired. Glass Lewis can rebid. Responses are due by noon PDT on June 29, with a selection as early as Aug. 6.

The RFPs are available on the Oregon State Treasury website.