Searches and Hires

Wisconsin Investment Board preps search for beta-one consultant

State of Wisconsin Investment Board, Madison, will begin a search for a beta-one consultant sometime in September or October, spokesman Chris Preisler said in an email.

The board, which oversees a total of $117 billion in assets, including the Wisconsin Retirement System's $100.3 billion, will issue an RFP due to its policy of putting consultant services up for bid every five to seven years, Mr. Preisler said.

The current consultant, Wilshire Associates, will be invited to rebid.

While the specific timeline for the search has yet to be determined, Mr. Preisler said SWIB hopes to have the process completed by the end of this year. The RFP will be available on SWIB's website.

The board's $8.9 billion beta-one equity portfolio and $4.2 billion beta-one fixed-income portfolio fall within the $18.3 billion "funds alpha" allocation, which also includes hedge funds.