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Sacramento Regional Transit District looking for consultant for 3 pension funds

Sacramento (Calif.) Regional Transit District is searching for an investment consultant for its three defined benefit plans, said Sue Robison, senior procurement analyst, in an email.

The transit district issued an RFP because of the pending expiration of current consultant Callan's contract on Dec. 31. The firm is eligible to rebid.

The three pension plans have a combined $284 million in assets and commingle the assets into one investment trust.

The plan's target asset allocation is 35% domestic fixed income, 32% domestic large-cap equities, 14% international large-cap equities, 8% domestic small-cap equities, 6% emerging markets equities and 5% international small-cap equities.

The RFP can be obtained by emailing Ms. Robison. Proposals are due at 2 p.m. PDT on July 6. A contract is scheduled to be awarded on Sept. 12.