Searches and Hires

Holyoke Contributory Retirement scouting for domestic small-cap core managers

Holyoke (Mass.) Contributory Retirement System is searching for active U.S. small-cap core equity managers to run about $15 million for the $288 million defined benefit plan.

The board may select more than one manager.

Only commingled investment vehicles will be considered. Separate accounts will not be considered.

The search is being conducted to comply with Massachusetts state law requiring contracts need to go out to rebid every few years, said Cheryl A. Dugre, retirement system executive director. Fidelity Institutional Asset Management is the incumbent manager and is invited to rebid.

The RFP is available by contacting Ms. Dugre via email.

Proposals are due by 4 p.m. EDT on June 22. A selection is expected to be made in August, Ms. Dugre said.

The system has 31% allocated to domestic equities.