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Never too young

4th-graders help to write the book on retirement

Willis Towers Watson PLC has teamed up with an educational charity and U.S. students to introduce savings, investments and retirement concepts to the next generation.

The consultant, along with London-based charity Guy Fox History Project Ltd. and fourth-grade students at Washington-based KIPP DC Lead Academy, created a book, "How the World REALLY Works: Savings, Investments and Retirement."

The book is an American adaptation of one published in the U.K. in 2016 produced by the charity, WTW and Snowsfields Primary School in London. It was made after a workshop on savings and investing for fourth-grade students of the academy. WTW volunteers and the Guy Fox team ran the workshop; the students illustrated the book.

"This is a very exciting and important initiative for Willis Towers Watson, as we firmly believe it is never too early to start learning about day-to-day financial matters," said Dave Suchsland, senior retirement consultant at WTW, in a news release. "The book provides a fun and practical foundation in financial education, which we hope will pay dividends for children and young adults as they get older."

A Canadian adaptation also was launched this month.

The charity's "How the World REALLY Works" project also produced books about insurance, the legal system, the economy and other topics.