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RPMI Railpen makes co-investment in infrastructure fund

RPMI Railpen made a co-investment of £7 million ($10 million) alongside National Digital Infrastructure Fund managed by Amber Infrastructure Group, said a spokesman at the manager for Railways Pension Scheme, London.

National Digital Infrastructure Fund invested £18 million in full-fiber broadband network development company Community Fibre, of which Railpen is largest shareholder.

In 2017, the £28 billion pension fund made a direct investment of £11 million in the company.

"We are pleased to welcome NDIF's significant new investment in Community Fibre. We believe that it will continue to be a success and help us generate the returns that we need to meet our mission to pay members' pensions, securely, affordably and sustainably," said Paul Bishop, head of private markets at RPMI Railpen, in a news release.