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Money Management

NN Investment Partners, China Asset Management to explore investment opportunities

NN Investment Partners and China Asset Management Co. are exploring joint investment strategy development opportunities, with a view to leveraging each firm's capabilities in European and Chinese capital markets.

A joint new release said the two money managers have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide a platform for potential developments. The move is expected to strengthen environmental, social and governance offerings to clients in particular.

Further, the memorandum gives the two parties opportunities to collaborate on the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, launched by China to strengthen rail, road and maritime links with trading partners in Asia, Africa and Europe.

"ChinaAMC's in-depth knowledge of the Chinese capital markets and NN IP's long heritage in sustainable investing is a complementary combination that we believe may create long-term value for investors," said Satish Bapat, CEO of NN Investment Partners and member of the management board at NN Group, in the release.

Regarding the One Belt, One Road opportunities, Mr. Bapat said: "OBOR is a significant initiative which is expected to have significant impact on countries linked to OBOR. We are excited by the investment opportunities generated by OBOR and through mutual collaboration we believe clients of both firms will benefit from NN IP's core expertise in managing emerging and frontier markets debt and ChinaAMC's on-the-ground presence in China."

Added Tang Xiaodong, CEO of China Asset Management Co., in the release: "ChinaAMC hopes to bring more sophisticated investment strategies into China through cooperation" with global managers. "This will provide domestic investors with better investment products and services. At the same time, ChinaAMC also hopes to increase the international institutions' understanding of the Chinese capital markets and the Chinese asset management industry, so that these investors will also have more opportunities to participate in China's economic development."

NN Investment Partners has €246 billion ($303.3 billion) in assets under management. ChinaAMC provides money management and advisory services to institutional investors and has $153 billion in assets under management.