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U.S. ETPs slowed in first quarter on market volatility

U.S. exchange-traded product assets paused their rapid growth during the first quarter after market volatility led to about $3 billion in net outflows in March and $10.6 billion in February. The 0.5% quarter-over-quarter growth rate was the lowest since 2015, when ETP assets rose by about 1% in the second quarter before falling 6.3% in the third.

Equity-centered exchange-traded funds make up the majority of ETPs, totaling about $3.3 trillion of the $3.4 trillion industry. ETF assets rose by about a net $540 million in the first quarter after averaging $7.9 billion in each of the prior four quarters.

Sixty-four new ETPs were brought to market in the first quarter, 39 of which were ETFs. The average assets per fund was about $1.8 billion as of March 31.