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How Multi-Asset Investing Can Fit in a Modern Portfolio

Multi-asset investing, a diversified and customized investment approach that can better manage portfolio risk exposure, is increasingly on the radar of plan sponsors — particularly in the current environment of rising interest rates and fully valued stock prices. The term can include multi-sector fixed income, credit, equities and real assets, typically with a deeper look at the underlying risk premia. But some investors are cautious of the complexities involved in implementing multi-asset strategies. In this round table discussion, K. Stuart Peskin, investment director at Aberdeen Standard Investments, Danielle Singer, portfolio director, multi asset, at Invesco, and Mark Andersen, senior vice president at Callan's Trust Advisory Group, discuss the opportunities and challenges for investors, and the outcome-orientation of multi-asset investing strategies for optimal positioning in all types of market environments.


K. Stuart Peskin, Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments; Danielle Singer, Multi Asset Portfolio Director, Invesco; Mark Andersen, Senior Vice President, Callan's Trust Advisory Group

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