Searches and Hires

Luxembourg pension launches 3 sustainable investment searches

Fonds de Compensation, Luxembourg, is searching for money managers to run assets in global equities, sustainable equities and green bonds totaling about €1.05 billion ($1.3 billion).

A notice on the website of the €17.8 billion fund, known as FDC, said the search is divided into three contracts. FDC is looking for managers to run about €750 million in global equities with a sustainable approach.

The second contract relates to global sustainable impact equities, with a portfolio of €200 million. The investment strategy is expected to track some of the United Nations' 17 sustainable development goals.

The third search relates to euro-denominated green bonds, at €100 million.

An executive at the fund said in an email that the global equities with a sustainable approach search is the third for this asset class. He did not elaborate. The other two searches relate to new strategies.

Proposals are due by June 1. Hiring decisions are set to be made Oct. 29.

Further details are available on Luxembourg's public procurement website.