Searches and Hires

Cambridge Retirement System seeks investment consultant

Cambridge (Mass.) Retirement System is searching for an investment consultant for its $1.3 billion pension fund.

The search is being conducted to comply with state law that requires contracts go out to bid every seven years, confirmed Todd M. Kohlhepp, spokesman for the plan's current investment consultant Segal Marco Advisors, which will be rebidding.

The RFP is available by contacting Ellen K. Philbin, executive director of the pension fund, via email. Proposals are due by 2 p.m. EDT on April 26. A selection date was not disclosed.

According to the system's annual report, its allocation as of Dec. 31 was 32.52% domestic equities, 10.66% emerging market equities, 10.43% international equities, 10.04% core fixed income, 7.81% hedge funds, 6.81% real estate, 4.99% high-yield fixed income, 4.91% international fixed income, 4.22% private equity, 2.88% emerging markets debt, 2.4% infrastructure, 1.53% other, 0.64% timber, and 0.14% cash.

Ms. Philbin could not be reached for comment.