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Health savings account assets rise 22% in 2017; investment assets up 50%

Health savings account assets reached $45.2 billion by the end of 2017, a increase of 22.2% over the $37 billion in assets from a year earlier, according to a survey by Devenir Group, a research and investment consulting firm specializing in HSAs.

Investment assets remain a small component of overall HSA assets, but the investment role is slowly gaining, according to a report by Devenir based on data from the top 100 HSAs. Last year, HSAs reported $8.3 billion in investment assets, or 18.4% of total HSA assets. In 2016, investment assets of $5.5 billion represented 14.9% of total assets.

Devenir predicted increases for both total and investment assets for this year, to $54.5 billion in total assets and $10.5 billion in investment assets.