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Money Management

Brandes Investment Partners founder taking leave of absence

Charles H. Brandes, founder and chairman of value equity investment firm Brandes Investment Partners, is taking a leave of absence in connection with his divorce proceedings, according to a statement from the money management firm.

Mr. Brandes notified the firm on Feb. 12 that he was taking the leave "to focus on addressing these personal issues," according to the statement.

Glenn Carlson, partner and former CEO, will serve as interim chairman, the statement said. Brent V. Woods, Brandes Investment Partners CEO, will fill in for Mr. Brandes on the firm's investment oversight committee.

The statement did not detail any issues related to Mr. Brandes' divorce proceedings, although it acknowledged the firm "learned recently of allegations made in connection" with the divorce.

"It would not be appropriate for the firm to take a position regarding any allegations made as part of the proceedings," the statement said. "However, the firm can reiterate that it is taking this matter seriously and is monitoring the situation closely."