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Office life

Cerulli’s chief morale officer a key member of team

Mickey Cerulli even gets her own listing on the company’s website.

The duty of the chief morale officer of Cerulli Associates is to "show by example how people should relax," explained Kurt Cerulli, founder and CEO of the Boston-based financial services research firm.

"Temperamentally, she is very calm to be around," said Mr. Cerulli, referring to the executive who has been with the company 12 years and whose photo is prominently displayed on the firm's website next to other executives. She frequently visits employees throughout the office,

The chief morale officer, Mickey Cerulli, couldn't come to the phone for this interview. She is Mr. Cerulli's pet goldendoodle, a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever. She's the firm's first chief morale officer, and her duties are "fairly fluid and flexible," Mr. Cerulli said.

According to her bio page: "Despite being named for a switch-hitting Yankees outfielder from the 1950s, she is a devoted Red Sox, Patriots and Liverpool FC fan."

Although the chief morale officer doesn't officially participate in the job interview process, Mr. Cerulli said she can provide insight into a candidate's compatibility with the company. Mr. Cerulli often interviews candidates in his office, where Mickey takes time out from her regular responsibilities. "We see how people respond to her," he said.