Top Performing Managers of Long-Short Equity, 4th Quarter 2017

Long-Short Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Epoch Global Absolute Return28.2426.91
BP Emerging Markets L/S Equity27.8925.81
TAMP US Tactical ETF L/S - PULSE25.7425.74
BlackRock (BLK) Alpha Advantage 500 Composite24.4424.44
QMA US Core Equity Extended23.4922.71
Horizon Focused ETF with Risk Assist22.1719.91
PVG Dynamic Core ETF20.7619.57
Horizon Growth ETF with Risk Assist19.6017.41
WellsCap Analytic Global Long/Short Eq17.2116.44
Atlas 100/30 Long Short17.0415.74
Long-Short Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
QMA US Core Equity Extended18.8518.08
BlackRock Alpha Advantage 500 Composite16.9216.92
TAMP US Tactical ETF L/S - PULSE15.8415.34
Confluence IDEA - Plus14.1112.38
WellsCap Analytic Global Long/Short Eq12.7812.23
Atlas 100/30 Long Short11.1810.25
Calamos Phineus Long/Short Composite11.349.79
Epoch Global Absolute Return10.228.87
Horizon Focused ETF with Risk Assist10.778.62
PIMCO Long/Short Strategy10.038.40