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APG Group lifts out sustainable investing data analytics team from Deloitte Nederland

Dutch pensions firm APG Group has enhanced its data analytics for sustainable investing through a team lift out.

The firm has taken over a business unit for data analytics activities for sustainable investing from Deloitte Nederland. The unit specializing in artificial intelligence, big data and sustainable investing. The team comprises 13 employees.

The business unit will operate independently and is located in Utrecht, Netherlands. A spokesman for APG said the firm owns 70% of the newly formed unit, named Entis. The remaining stake is owned by management and employees of Entis.

APG Asset Management will be Entis' primary client, said the spokesman

The spokesman said the unit's work will be fully integrated in the current asset management organization of APG, which runs the assets of the €409 billion ($500 billion) ABP, Heerlen. "The technical infrastructure and the team's smart algorithms are fully operational and will complement APG's current activities," said the spokesman in an email.

The new APG team will identify listed companies that make an important contribution to solutions for climate change, or for problems in health care and education. Entis will complement existing AI and big data expertise at APG, including smart digital platform Kandoor and APG Innovation Lab.

"We are constantly seeking out innovative and sustainable investment opportunities to achieve the highest possible return at the lowest possible costs," said Ronald Wuijster, interim member of the executive board of APG Group, responsible for asset management, in a news release. "Using the unique knowledge this team has in relation to big data and artificial intelligence will make us even better at that."

APG Group has about €469 billion in assets under management.