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Dow to just miss 25,000 to end 2017

As the Dow Jones flirts with a milestone high of 25,000 in the waning hours of 2017, the blue-chip index has hit 71 record highs during the year while returning about 28.6% on a total return basis as of publication.

The index's 30 constituents added about $1.1 trillion in market value to investors during the year. Apple, Microsoft and DowDuPont were at the top of the list adding a combined $524 billion, almost half of the index total. GE lost about $128 billion after its shares fell 43% during the year amid several pieces of negative news including a dividend cut and lowering guidance.

After Thursday's close, the index would need a 0.66% gain to break 25,000, as of this writing the index is down about 0.10%.