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Best places to work in money management

Ballentine Partners

Additional winners, managers with 50 to 99 employees

Get the word out: A ‘do-gooder’ poster at the annual holiday party celebrates the good deeds of employees.

Waltham, Mass.

$7.3 billion AUM; $11.4 billion AUA

Years won: 2017

Popular perks:

  • Annually brings together the staff, from all office locations, and their guests for food, dancing and a team-building charity drive at a hotel in New England.
  • Sponsors employee sports, including softball, basketball, bowling, a Ragnar relay multiday race along Cape Cod and a Ragnar race through New Hampshire's White Mountains to the coast at Hampton Beach.
  • Hosts monthly social gatherings for the staff. Some offices bring food and drink into the office after 4 p.m., while other offices go out to local events like bingo or music trivia.

Employees say:

  • “I think the company continues to cultivate a culture of people who care, which is really important!”
  • “Ballentine has clearly worked hard to create an accepting and open organization. Small things like the monthly office lunches help to build a sense of community.”
  • “I love the flexibility here. I'm able to get my job done but also run my children to their events and leave early if I need to. The support for a work/life balance is very important to me.”