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Best places to work in money management

Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn

Additional winners, managers with 50 to 99 employees

Recognition: Teamwork trophies are awarded to the firm’s employees for their exceptional efforts.

New York

$6.6 billion AUM

Years won: 2017

Popular perks:

  • Stocks office with fresh fruit deliveries at least twice a week, with seasonal varieties such as pears and citrus in fall and winter, and berries and peaches in summer.
  • Periodically holds wellness fairs and health screenings for staff, pays 50% of the annual gym membership fee and sponsors employee sports teams, including soccer, dodge ball, squash, and the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.
  • Closes office at 4 p.m. on Fridays from Memorial Day through Labor Day; gives each employee two additional days of paid time off to use during the summer.

Employees say:

  • “They are open to accepting new ideas and people are ready, willing and able to provide their own input. It really generates a team atmosphere.”
  • “There's a really good balance between the fundamental culture of the firm that started over 40 years ago and the openness to hear and implement changes to that culture/strategy that are more appropriate for today.”
  • “One of the original founders is still at the firm. Although he works mainly on the overall firm strategy, he interacts directly with the junior associates to assess new trends and what direction the younger generation wants to move in.”