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Best places to work in money management

California State Teachers’ Retirement System

Balancing act: Work-life symmetry gives CalSTRS employees benefits at both home and the office. Wellness offerings include walking workstations, an on-site fitness center, a bike library and friendly fitness competitions.

Additional winners, managers with 100 to 499 employees

West Sacramento, Calif.

$215.3 billion in assets

Years won: 2013, 2016, 2017

Popular perks:

  • Fully reimburses tuition, exam fees and related expenses for job-related and job-required certification classes, such as the CFA program, and reimburses up to $1,000 per fiscal year for educational expenses that may not be directly related to the employee's current role but contribute to his or her career mobility.
  • Operates investment offices with a smaller staff during the holidays to let employees enjoy more family time.
  • Offers walking workstations, a free on-site gym and an office “bicycle library'' so that employees can check out a bike and ride on a nearby path.

Employees say:

  • “The organization cares a great deal about doing a good job for our constituents, the public school teachers of the state of California.”
  • “I like the feeling of belonging and knowing our mission and vision. I am proud to tell people this is where I work.”
  • “The opportunities for advancement, the culture of co-workers being family, the vast opportunities for additional training and the understanding of the mission to secure the financial future of California's educators. If it were not for our teachers, we would not have the ability to do what we do in our jobs. All of these aspects help me to appreciate and love CalSTRS.”